Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get my DolphinCard?

  • A. Faculty/Staff DolphinCards are issued in the Office of Parking & DolphinCard Services, located in West Administration Building 3A Room 106. DolphinCards will be available for FACULTY & STAFF ONLY for the Spring 2013 Semester, but will be introduced to students commencing Summer 2013. Current employees who have a valid CSI photo ID card will be required to replace their current card with the updated DolphinCard. If you are a new employee, you must bring a completed New Employee memo issued from Human Resources and a photo ID as proof of identification (e.g., a driver's license, a state-issued non-driver ID, or a passport).
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Q. What if I lose, misplace, or damage my DolphinCard?

  • A. If you lose your DolphinCard, please log in to DolphinCard website immediately to deactivate your card or report the loss to the DolphinCard Office in West Building 3A Room 106, where a new card can be created for you. Your old card will be deactivated and will no longer work anywhere on campus. Please be aware that you remain responsible for card usage prior to deactivation. Falsifying, altering or misusing your own or anyone else's ID card in any way is strictly prohibited by the College. Replacement fees apply as follows:

    • 1st card: $15.00
    • 2nd card: $20.00
    • 3rd card and up: $25.00
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Q. How many accounts are on my DolphinCard, and what are they?

  • A. Your DolphinCard may be associated with multiple accounts. Your DolphinCard provides access to the following types of accounts:
    • DiningDollars Account: This account is TAX EXEMPT for students only. Both resident and commuter students may choose from several different meal plans based upon their individual needs. Meal plan credits are based upon a declining balance system. These credits may be used for the purchase of food and beverages in authorized locations. Please see DiningDollars Plan Contract for specific rules of use.
    • DolphinDollars Flex Account: This account may be used for purchases made in the Bookstore, Parking Services and the purchase of food and beverages at all Dining Servies facilities, as well as, vending machines.
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Q. How can credit be added to my DolphinCard accounts?

  • A. There are three ways to deposit money onto your DolphinCard:
    • Card Management Centers (CMC): You may add value to your DolphinCard account at CMC's using cash or credit card. Please note the minimum deposit permitted is $25.00 for credit cards and $20.00 for cash. All deposits must be made in increments of $5.00.
    • In Person: At the office of Parking & DolphinCard Services, located in West Administration Building 3A Room 106. Value may be added using cash or credit card.
    • Via the web: You may add value to your DolphinCard account using a credit card (Mastercard, Visa American Express). Additional information regarding deposits by parent/guardian may be found under "guest deposit".
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Q. Can I withdraw cash from my DolphinCard account balances?

  • A. No, your DolphinCard is not an ATM card. You cannot withdraw cash from it.
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